i’ve been looking for a new 2013 midsize suv.

touraeg 2


Audi q5


which one will be the better car?

Answer by squakajaneenayoc
Definitely the audi q5. The prices are nearly identical, so why not go for the more sophisticated, better looking suv? The LED’s on the on the q5 are stunning. The fuel economy has been reported to be in the high 20′s while still being able to tow up to 4,000 lb.s, which is best in class. The quattro is the best all wheel drive in most professional’s opinions. The interior of the audi’s are the best in second only to aston martin in my opinion. Very good car all around. Test drive one at your local dealer

Answer by Replica
O personally do not like SUV’s and I think VW made a mistake in going into this market. That said, I must admit if it was my choice, I would go for the Audi q5.

The Audi has a good German pedigree equal to that of the VW, the prices of the two vehicles are in a similar bracket, so it does go down to personal choice.

Also, my personal opinion in this case is that the Touareg 2 interior is rather austere compared to that of the Audi.

Take them both for a test drive, and I am sure that you will make the right choice.

I realize that Audi is made by VW and that anything that Audi is doing has already been done by VW (with some minor exceptions). What I do not get is that the Touareg diesel is more expensive than the q5 2t and the mpg is comparable with those 2 models but the Touareg is about 15 grand more expensive when you add all the bells and whistles to both models. So why would I go with the VW??? Audi is the car that is more closely thought of as a luxury vehicle than vw.
The Toureg is meant to compete with the Q5 and the Toureg 2 is meant to compete with the Q7. Also Audi is considered a luxury vehicle so the price difference is not because of that. And as someone already stated the Audi beats the VW in almost every aspect, including performance, safety, and customer review. We are most likely going with the Q5 but it is still puzzling me.

Because Volkswagen knows their buyers are foolish enough to buy whatever piece of **** they sell. If they sell a V-Dung Beetle for $ 1.6 million (And the did), and call it a Bugatti, people will buy it. They do this with every car they sell.

Answer by Marc
The Audi Q5 has received a high rating than the VW
The Audi is better than the VW in almost all categories.

Answer by XF-AMG
Volkswagen might be the Toyota of Germany, but like Toyota in Japan, Volkswagen also has luxurious models in its line-up.
For example, the VW Phaeton, targeted at the Mercedes S, BMW 7 and Audi A8.

The VW Touareg might be more expensive than the Audi Q5 because
1) Its of a different class. The VW is targeted at the likes of the Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7, not the Q5.

2) VW has some expensive options. It is considered as a luxury model.