i mean is it marketing, finance, HR which one? i think its finance though…….
2nd question) if 1 has to own and maintain Audi 4 in India, what should be this annual salary? should that person be doing bizness (which looks as the best supporting option) or can he afford it in a job too in India?

Answer by GuessT W
I bought millions and millions of barrels of oil when they cost $ 60–$ 100 a barrel. I expect to make a kill when I sell. But right now it’s only over $ 140 a barrel. So here is my difficulty:

I have requested my agents spin the media, like: “Oil future looks high, expecting to be in the range of $ 200 a barrel soon” But it does not work price up fast enough.

I have paid the mainstream media, the Think Tanks, and the major PR talking heads, to spin China and India (supply and demand) responsible for price hike, to deflect American public anger. But that does not go far enough.

Right now, I am extremely nervous and worried. I urgently need a prey to buy those “paper barrels” on my hording. So I can profit. But where can I find my prey ?

There is barely any space in India to ride down your own car.
But more importantly the Tata Nano is the cheapest car in the world.
I hope Ford is not going to make the same mistakes it did in South America about 15 years ago.

Answer by Tanya Joseph
What do you mean?Ford fiesta is a small car when its compared to other cars in India…India is a country having BMW,Audi,Ferrari as a taxi(in Kerala) and Rolls Royce and Lamborghini(not much though)…Now Audi and BMW are pretty much common here and ford fiesta is small compared to this car and Indians are luxurious that’s why we buy big cars without checking out the fuel prices or space and India is a pretty much busy when comparing other great countries like China,roads are pretty much less developed too,still guys here use it and Nano is not a good car maybe it can replace the rickshaws running in India,its not for good ride