I purchased 20 inch rims for a ml320 as well as the truck had been a lemon thus i am stuck with these rims which are 3 weeks aged. I found a audi a3 wagon which is within my range i learn they come with 18 inch rim. So 2 sizes up wont be which bad really hoping the lug pattern is the same

Answer by Gregg H
Even when the wheels bolt about (that I doubt) the wheels weill be too big.

Answer by mick
No they wont.

Answer by carguy30021
no, try to market them about e-bay or inside the classifieds


wagons are AWESOME!!!!!
hatchbacks plus wagons don’t receive regard

How come Americans don’t like them?

plus Diesels receive advantageous mileage

Fast wagons like the Magnum SRT8 as well as the MBZ E63 wagon… today those are hot vehicles!!!
effectively by nobody I meant which they’re not favored

there aren’t which numerous wagons or diesel vehicles obtainable in the you anymore
come about men, I need several more answers

I promise I’ll consider ALL answers for right answer, not only the initial 2 or 3!!!

Answer by Dont touch which dial
Lack of advantageous sense…

Answer by Izzy h
Not enough advertising is 1 superior cause! A several years ago the choice was going between a Subaru Wagon or perhaps a Highlander SUV. The SUV earned as a result of the horrendous snow storms that lasts here at minimum 6 months as well as the height of the chassis.

Answer by oklatom
What makes we think nobody does? Is this really the opinion, or do we have statistics backing up a statement?