Answer by kelly_f_1999
if you take it a part maybe

Answer by OMGitsHim
I’m afraid it won’t, the motorcycle, irrespective of the make will be much too long to fit in the boot, even with the rear seats folded down.

If you insist on bringing your bike along, try a small hitched trailer. Best of luck!

We are looking for a station wagon. I don’t want to spend more than $ 8,000.
What I have seen so far in the 1998/99/2000 era

VW Passat Wagon
Audi A4 wagon
Subaru Outback

All seem to have very similar reviews – Audi is obviously a VW but fancier. But is it worth it?

Answer by rotus
If you really only need a hatchback, Check out the 2002-2003 Mazda Protege5. It has more passenger room than the A4 and about as much as the Passat and Outback. Hatch area will not be as big as any of the wagons you list. I had one and put almost 100k on it when it was stolen and totaled.

I would skip the Passat and the A4 Avant, I had an Audi TT and that was enough of VW/Audi group.

Answer by let_it_b_a_lesson_to_u
It depends on how much you can afford to pay for maintenance and parts. Audis and VWs are much harder to work on and will jack up the labor cost for repairs. Subaru s are notorious for being reliable even after being doged in to the ground. Plus I would tend to think that you would get more car for your money with a Subaru because it costs much less brand new and VWs have the worst owner satisfaction ratings.