Just obtained a 98 Audi A6 want set a tuner require advice beginning with scratch
motor work for high end that might be required

Solution by Sheepborg
Tuners are usually about appears.. so appears first… other things later

Tires first, discover some utilized wheels upon craiglslist game the bolt pattern of the car. Tires can easily create a big difference within looks quick. Now do not get large honkin’ chromium ones, yet yeah.

today for this vehicle i would observe what you may then do towards the grill. Probably an symbol delete or even some other simple replacement, or simply remove it xD
Another simple change will be some gentle tinting around the tail lamps, then all those nicer a lot more blue-ish headlamp bulbs.
Finally you can get a quick wear exhaust suggestion so even though you dont wreak havoc on the wear out, it will look great (i do not know how the particular pipes appearance on the vehicle, i am simply guessing with this part)

Each one of these changes can be carried out fast, inexpensive, and easy.
Then you can certainly move later on to better more costly stuff if you love the car